Medical Qi Gong Healing and Therapy

the body is a miracle so is health or disease - they are closely related and interact all the time

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Lotus Exercise for Self Healing


1. Start by visualizing a veil covering your eyes that is clouding your vision.
2. Bring your attention to the palms of your hands and gather qi there (Wu Qi with open palms upwards)
3. Raise the qi and part the veil (hands come up to eye level and open to the sides palms facing outward)
4. But you need to see clearer, bring arms down to the side, up again at center of body and part the veil again - now you can see clearly and are able to grow.
5. Arms outstretched, drop hands bring arms up over your head rounded - you are growing like a strong tree..
6. Now you are ready to blossom, bring arms down (prayer like) to hip level, once you blossomed -
7. You are able to gather in everything the universe has to offer. Bring hands up in front all rounded motion and gather down the center.
8. You become filled with everything the universe has to offer and it begins to flow out of you - start rolling the ball in your lower dantien.
9. Place your palms just below the belly button to seal the energy in.

Repeat this process 9 times.

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...kind words
I'm feeling so-o-o much better and can't believe the change after only 2 treatments of Medical Qi Gong.

Margit your gift as an AMAZING HEALER, combined with
your warm, sensitive spirit have been a
true BLESSING tome and I am so grateful !!!!!!!!!!!!

- Heartfelt Thanks, Barbara C.