Medical Qi Gong Healing and Therapy

the body is a miracle so is health or disease - they are closely related and interact all the time

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medical qi gong healing bradford ontario

Margit's Journey far...

margit herburger master medical qigong

The last 25 years, I have studied many medical and alternative medical fields with a variety of world renown teachers and Mentors. All of these have deeply influenced myself and the tools I use in my practice. I practice energy psychology and alternative healing throughout all my sessions.
The sessions can be done in english or german (wenn sie die session in deutsch machen moechten, koennen wir das leicht machen)



Habits and Behaviors Chang Work

Certified Coach

Certified Stress Management Consultant

Spiritual Counselor

Family Constellation Therapy

Hypnotherapy with many specialized licenses
Hypnosis is the most amazing work ..therapeutic work I have ever experienced. The gentleness, speed and uncomplicated principles of this work make it the
crown jewel of all Therapies.

Energy Psychology EFT and others



Healing and Balancing:
Healing Practitioner my other passion is the art of healing the body and mind. In my path of over 25 years, I have studied many different healing methods from all over the world. I started my career as a healer in Basel - Switzerland as a critical care nurse, where it became quite clear to me that the body is much more capable of self healing and that there are ways of assisting a client that are much more satisfying than a hospital bed Throughout the last 22 years I have studied many different healing modalities such as:


Acupuncture Massage - Penzel

Medical QiGong and TCM (including Gua Sha, Cupping, Lymphatic Drainage, Tuina Massage)

Jin Shin Jyutsu and Reiki

Matrix Energetics



Space Clearing training with Karen Kingston
Feng Shui Master (I am intrigued by the possibilities of Feng Shui for our day to day live. An in-depth study of traditional Feng Shui with a number of different Masters has shown me again and again how we can change our environment for our benefit, sometimes with the smallest of effort. The deepest influence and teaching levels came from Grandmaster Joseph Yu. I use the teachings of Classical Feng Shui, mainly Formschool, Xuan Kong Da Gua, and Waterdragon Feng Shui. )

Also since color therapy is one of my pet projects, utilizing colors and shapes in homes and offices are looked at very much in detail. Another project on a research level with Feng Shui for me is integrating the teachings in special cases such as ...sleeping disorders, diseases, problems with children either in behavior or sleep patterns, patterns that repeat themselves (divorce,
I am proud to be the founder of the Feng Shui Research Center Canada (a chapter of the worldwide Feng Shui Research Centers) and certified teacher for Master Joseph Yu's teachings.
My special interest for Space Clearing and Feng Shui comes from the tremendous results I have witnessed when these stagnant energies are cleared from a home or workplace and the space is consecrated to higher spiritual frequencies.




...kind words
I'm feeling so-o-o much better and can't believe the change after only 2 treatments of Medical Qi Gong.

Margit your gift as an AMAZING HEALER, combined with
your warm, sensitive spirit have been a
true BLESSING tome and I am so grateful !!!!!!!!!!!!

herburger therapy center bradford

- Heartfelt Thanks, Barbara C.