Medical Qi Gong Healing and Therapy

the body is a miracle so is health or disease - they are closely related and interact all the time

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Cost per healing session or private training 130.00 CAD

We own the only LILT laser unit in Bradford - to use for Laser Acupuncture or one of its many other amazing possibilities, we will charge only 20.00 extra fees (usual extra fee is 60.00).

Healing Session

you can book an appointment with me via email

or call me directly at 647.261.3733 or 905.551.1434

Healing is a priceless gift we all need to understand again that we cannot push ourselves beyond our balance. Nature never takes more than it needs, but we think we can use and abuse our body and mind without consequences...that's not how it works!




...kind words
Margit, our baby has suffered so many nights with colic and her crying broke our heart, with your help, she now sleeps through the night and has a wonderful digestion.

Barbara P. (her 2 month old baby girl)

qi gong healing