Medical Qi Gong Healing and Therapy

the body is a miracle so is health or disease - they are closely related and interact all the time

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medical qi gong healing

Who can benefit from MQ Therapy:

Medical Qigong has been used successfully to treat difficult, stubborn, and sometimes chronic conditions that do not respond well to other types of medicine. Children, the elderly, people in frail health, and highly sensitive people tend to respond better to Medical Qigong than other TCM modalities.

 medical qi gong healing

Fashioned after the Medical Qigong College at the Hai Dian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing , China , the IIMQ is known internationally for maintaining the highest standards in Medical Qigong instruction and clinical therapy. The Institute's achievements in academic and clinical standards have also been recognized by the Medical Qigong Department at the Xi Yuan Hospital (Beijing, China ). Margit Herburger holds the degree of Medical Qi Gong Practitioner issued by the International Institute of Medical Qigong.

What is Medical Qi Gong:

Medical Qigong is an ancient method of maintaining health

and promoting longevity as well as preventing and treating disease. In the word "




 Qi" (pronounced chee), means air, breath of life, or vital energy that flows through all things in the universe.


 "Gong" (pronounced gung) means the skill of working with, or cultivating, self-discipline and achievement.

The Principle of Qi Gong Therapy

Qi is translated to mean Life Force Energy. Gong means cultivation or acquired skill through practice. When Life Force Energy is properly cultivated in the body we are able to remain in good health, physically, mentally and emotionally.


Medical Qigong is one of the oldest branches of Chinese medicine, predating acupuncture by thousands of years. Today, there are hundreds of medical Qigong hospitals and clinics worldwide, treating dozens of ailments such as cancer, paralysis, asthma, migraines, stress and depression, anxiety, muscular atrophy, hypertension, insomnia, diabetes, immune deficiency disorders and pain syndromes.

Widely understood in China but little known in the West, medical qi gong is a modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Medical qi gong is a way of affecting and directing qi, or the life force, for medical benefit. Rather than using needles, herbs, or massage, medical qi gong relies on the ability to direct qi with the mind, the hands, or a ritual object, but without necessarily touching the body. Like its better known counterparts acupuncture and herbal medicine, medical qi gong requires thorough knowledge of TCM scientific theory. A medical qi gong practitioner should be at least as well-trained as an acupuncturist or herbalist. To develop skill with medical qi gong, a practitioner needs to be highly disciplined, with a very focused mind similar to that of a well-seasoned mediator. To practice medicine as subtle as medical qi gong, a practitioner must have unusual abilities of subtle perception..

Why is it important for you: 

Since MQT works with YOUR life force, whatever your body needs at the moment, it will receive.
According to the classical TCM teachings, our body works on a blueprint that starts in the etheric (non physical) and then through many processes (some very mystical and alchemical) manifests in the physical body. Our meridian system is only one example fo these blueprints.
This tells us, that every physical condition therefore has its beginnings in the energy flowes, pathways and pints within and around our body.
The MQPractitioner will take a deep, thorough assessment of your body's energetic and physical state and then work with you, manipulating the energy according to your needs. Basically there are only three states of imbalance:


Emptiness (lack of energy in a particular area

Fullness (too much energy in and around a particular area)

Stagnation and Blockages (no flow)


Our body is a well organized factory. There are products produced, transformed and shipped out to other locations. There are workers, there is management....all must be in a harmonious, connected flow in order for our body to function at its best. 


Call now to understand if MQT is a suitable piece for your journey towards healing.

Almost every client experiences changes and shifts immediately in the first session. Every client has to do some prescribed exercises to keep the energy change going.

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...kind words
I'm feeling so-o-o much better and can't believe the change after only 2 treatments of Medical Qi Gong.

Margit your gift as an AMAZING HEALER, combined with
your warm, sensitive spirit have been a
true BLESSING tome and I am so grateful !!!!!!!!!!!!

- Heartfelt Thanks, Barbara C.